Google I/O 2018: Android P, humanized Google Assistant & App Time Tracker

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Google has just delivered a 3-day conference Google I/O 2018 which disclosed a lot of cutting-edge technologies and updates. It is worth noting that Google is aiming towards digital wellbeing, which is seen through the technologies they launch. We offer you to look through the most prominent features of Google products presented at Google I/O 2018 and talked about in Google Blog.Some text


  1. Google Assistant
  2. YouTube
  3. Google Photos
  4. Google Maps
  5. Android

Google Assistant new Features:

  • You can now choose one from the six suggested voices for your Google Assistant. 
  • Google Assistant becomes even more human-like: it imitates the voice pitch, pauses and pace.
  • Conversations between you and Google Assistant become more friendly and natural: you don’t have to say “OK, Google” every time you want to ask for something new. From now on, Google Assistant understands the natural flow of successive questions on the same topic. You just need to say “OK, Google” one single time and no more.
  • For your convenience and curiosity, Google is launching Multiple Actions for Google Assistant to better understand your complex questions.
  • Safety first: Google Assistant comes to Google Maps and thus lets you drive and use Google Assistant simultaneously. It promotes less visual interaction and more voice navigation for safer driving.

Youtube new Features:

  • Take a Break reminder. Ever caught yourself spending 3 hours on funny cats videos? Youtube mobile app will now remind you of taking a break and make some coffee - this function is optional, so you can either turn it off or set a 15/30/60/90/180-minute alarm to save your productivity.
  • You can snooze notifications from Youtube app for a certain period of time e.g. nighttime. 

Google Photos new Features:

  • Google team are now working on developing an ability to turn black-and-white photos into the coloured ones. 
  • Google promise to let you share your photo of a document as a PDF file.

Google Maps new Features:

  • Create a plan where to go and share it with your group! Vote and decide where you will spend your holiday.
  • Google Maps know your preferences: get suggested of places you may like based on your behaviour in Google Maps app.
  • You are less likely to get lost: updated directions on foot and other places.

Android new Features:

  • Android P Beta has been launched.
  • Adaptive Battery: your phone battery focuses more on the apps you use most frequently.
  • App Actions suggest the next app you are going to open judging by your behaviour.
  • Google are going towards the digital wellbeing trend: Android P is set to help you monitor how frequently you use your apps. Enhanced data, statistics - all in one shot. In the same manner, Google App Timer will remind you when it is time to give yourself a break.
  • Do Not Disturb mode can now silence not only your phone calls and messages, but also notifications and other visual distractions.
  • If you turn your phone over on the table, it will enter the DND(Do Not Disturb) Mode.

For sure, the list may go on, as Google enumerated 100 things worth noticing, which you can check up on their Blog. Google team are definitely the ones who do their best to bring better user experience to everyone and everywhere. Watch the Google Conference insight by The Verge:

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