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When a patient’s journey starts with a telemedicine appointment, AWS is the trusted technology partner powering your conversation. From keeping PHI private to unlocking the potential of your data, it fuels your innovation through a comprehensive set of solutions powered by the most mature and reliable cloud platform. 

And the personalized elements of your patient’s engagement strategy leverage the same technologies that helped transform eCommerce. 

AWS As A Way For Healthcare Plan Change

Looking at a huge change in business-to-business sales and transactions and solutions that has occured in the last 10 years, we can see there is probably no better one than AWS, Amazon web services.

It is essentially cloud computing as opposed to on-premise computing with one premise service, etc. This is a business-to-business proposition. You must probably be familiar with the huge growth and phenomenon that is Amazon Web Services. It offers unbelievable speed to expand your computing power at your company. Before you had to go out and buy servers or you had co-localization space, and you had to have cables and a huge upfront cost. And in fact you can do that much faster, almost spontaneously.

The cost is much less because AWS does it all within its infrastructure. As a service they do it on such an amazing scale. By some estimates, you save up to 50% compared to on-premises. It allows you to have a higher degree of variability. In other words, you can increase your computing power during the day and then decrease it at night when people are sleeping and not using software that you host on your servers. And dramatically decrease risk. Moving from a local data center to AWS is great not only for IT security but also for disaster recovery. There are redundancies across the country with amazon web services that you wouldn’t have with one place if it’s going to get hit by a tornado or something.

As a result of this tremendous value proposition, they went from basically non existing or just like helping Amazon itself with its own server challenges. Today, it has over a million customers and 25.6 billion USD in revenue. Imagine if there was some sort of a start-up on its own that went from nothing in 2012 to 25 billion dollars income today. That is a huge accomplishment.

Are there any areas of healthcare where we can improve an employee health plan without people changing their behavior? Is that ever possible? Yes! It can occur in claims processing. Claims processing is essentially the transaction. For some foreign employees the “insurance company” is not really an insurance company. It does not bear risks. All it does is process claims. Fraud waste and abuse can be upward to 10 percent of employees’ healthcare spend. In order to get to fraud, you have to process your claims yourself. So this is a tremendous opportunity for Healthcare IT and for startup incubators like Y Combinator there is a bunch of incredibly genius software for programmers in their late teens or early 20s. If you want to create something that would be incredibly helpful in the world of healthcare, that requires no behavior change. A creation of a user friendly easy to install cheap claims processing system that each employer could install and use themselves. And it would have all the data, and you would actually be able to catch fraud waste abuse. You own it and you control it and you are able to spot the fraud and not process it.

AWS Healthcare Services
AWS Healthcare Services

Welcoming New Technologies For The Healthcare Fair Play

As it was announced a couple of months ago, the next AWS Healthcare Accelerator will deal with health equity standards. The new product boasts a 40 million USD engagement level for supporting those who are creating solutions to get rid of everything connected to health injustice and unfairness. It is believed that the cloud can provide improvements in long-perspective issues that affect care and treatment results. It doesn’t mean we have got a high tech panacea, but a lot can be done now to face the lack of equity and bring care services to the next level.

How It Works

We would like to illustrate one of the AWS Healthcare case studies on the example of the ZappRx platform. They had to boost their data center computing ability due to the growing demand. The solution was found in the AWS Healthcare environment. The best set up strategy was evaluated for the smooth changeover. The development team also made the initial task on demo versions, testing, fixing code in order to have them roll on their own from one system to the other immediately.

As a result, the platform became perfectly compliant to all security legal standards and all the apps kept being effectively helpful for both patients’ and clinitian’s needs. All the expenses for buying on-premise equipment were canceled as well as investments on hiring an in-house team of managers.

Moreover, Cloud One made it possible for internal systems to drive main efforts on big initiatives instead of daily boring data issues routines. AWS Healthcare competencies also guarantee continuous proficiency in best usage and the most advanced processes.

If you want to develop your own custom healthcare solution check the box below and share us your needs!

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In the Healthcare and life sciences all roads lead to the patient. Whether you are advancing scientific discoveries for effective therapeutics or building solutions that improve a patient’s journey or leveraging geomics to guide precision medicine, it all comes down to care. AWS provides the technology needed to improve healthcare delivery today and usher in a connected digitally enhanced future of health. Predicting a patient’s health event before it occurs is made possible by AWS via high performance computing and the industry’s most detailed machine learning platform. On the journey of care AWS Healthcare jobs will be there to help you make it. So will the ZenBit Tech team as your guide and partner for the best transformational process and efficient outcomes. We invite you to call us today! Take good care! See you in our next posts!

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Dmitry Broshkov
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