Uber Wants To Detect Drunk Passengers

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While Uber is one of the safest ways to get home, the company is applying for a patent which is able to detect when their users are drunk.

Why use Uber?

If you’ve got enough booze at night, it is quite evident that you would like to get home using Uber or any other app for a taxi order.

While it is your right to do so, Uber has been considering to change its way of taxi delivery and to detect their juiced users. 

The Uber app is expected to be able to detect whether their users are “under influence” and to inform the drivers about the current state. The app analyzes your sobriety judging by the way you hold your phone, interact with the app, by your location or even by the speed you walk.

These methods are putting under the risk the way we understand our privacy and personal data protection as Uber is now going to collect all our data. A casual user may ask: “Who the heck cares about my state when I am ordering my taxi?” and he or she will be right.

In our opinion, this innovation will result in many disputes concerning the users’ privacy. If we dig deeper into the essence of such services, we may understand that their primary function is to deliver a drunk person to their house safely.

Cases involving drunk Uber passengers

Uber has faced several cases involving boozy passengers. Some of them are the following.

In 2015, Taco Bell fired their Senior Marketing Manager for assaulting an Uber driver. In a three-minute video recorded in the car, we could see that the passenger, Benjamin Golden, is unable to give clear directions to the driver which later on results in smacking the driver’s head.

He became angry when the driver told him to get out of the car.

2018 New Year’s Eve showed us a drunk passenger smashing the driver’s phone and calling him names.

So what’s the point?

Implementing this technology may help Uber drivers prepare for a “happy ride” or even decline it. On one hand, that is a quite useful option, while on the other hand, it abuses Uber clients by making them somewhat alcohol addicted.

Reports say that judging by your state, you are to be matched with the drivers who have special trainings or you will be refused to get a taxi. 

All things considered, it is worth noting that drunk passengers often happen to be the victims of sexual assaults and harassment. In this way, detecting intoxicated passengers before giving a taxi ride can result either in qualified for this drivers or in drivers exploiting their opportunities. 

To sum up, that is only the idea of what Uber representatives are going to implement into their app, but the time will show whether this idea will serve for anything good. We think that this Uber innovation interferes with the users’ privacy which is itself the intervention in the basic human rights as no one has the right to judge.

by ZenBit Tech

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