Startup Advisor Who Asks Nothing In Return: Hillel Fuld

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If you think that nothing in this world goes free of charge, meet this exceptional man, who is the father of the vast majority of famous startups all across Israel.

Who is Hillel Fuld?

Hillel Fuld is a famous IT blogger, startup specialist and a marketing leader. But what makes him interesting for a discussion is not even that, but the fact that his biggest passion, startup ideas, doesn’t involve a well-known credo “a favour for a favour”.

Fuld immigrated to Israel from the U.S. at the age of 15, served in the IDF and got his B.A. in political science. He started his career as a writer for Comverse, a technology company founded in Israel, and here he is, a strategic startup guru at his best.

What is his business strategy?

Fuld states that there is a clear distinction between marketing and sales, with sales being a rather direct thing to do. In its turn, marketing demands an ability to see things in their prospection and always look for ways of success. This only adds to the curiosity of how he manages to run his projects so successfully.

Being named the leading marketer of Israel, he promotes his free-of-charge services of a counsellor just for the sake of the startup programmes. The main principle is just like that: you share your idea via his official website or any other form of communication, you meet, you discuss, and that’s it. His career motto resembles the principle of karma: if you make the success real for the others, you make it possible for yourself as well. Not asking for anything in return, he displays the true love for what he does.

Hillel claims to always look for a “long-term relationship” with his potential partners. Judging by the success of his previous projects – ZCast (co-founder), Fitness22 (strategic advisor), TechCrunch (Contributor) and so on – the thing is real: he is the true professional and the lover of what he does.

Learn from Hillel Fuld

As of now, Hillel Fuld’s extraordinary skills brought him to working on Google as a Mentor/ Developer Expert, and he still continues blogging. His coaching skills and deep hi-tech insight brought many startup companies to their eventual success. For sure, everyone can take into consideration his methods of leadership and business success and applt them to their own practice. Fuld's approach to business is nothing but an example of competence and good strategy planning. Who knows what startup idea is going to reap the benefit next under his exclusive leadership?

Images via Hillel Fuld's Official Facebook & Twitter Pages

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