Small & Side Projects: Tips & Benefits for a Developer

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3 mins read

Why You Should Take a Side Project

Do you have a project that you want to take but you don’t feel sure enough?

As a developer, it is crucial to be able to learn new things and to have passion for self-development. This turns an ordinary developer into a real professional in what he does.

Coding means building new things. That means that the more effort you put into the work you love, the more benefit you get from it. 

Working on an attractive side project (even not big enough) may lead you to building your competence.

Below, we will try to convince you why taking up small but interesting projects, or side projects, is better than just blindly seeking for anything tremendous. This article is dedicated both to your own tech ideas and to small developing projects offered to you by customers.

Why small/ side projects can lead you to anything good?

  1. Practice: Coding means practice and practice is better than just reading about something. 
  2. Motivation: Doing something you are really interested in keeps you motivated and motivation in its turn adds to crafting an excellent product.
  3. Job opportunities: One more line in your CV including your additional experience and a proof to your creative mind makes a good impression.
  4. Augmenting your skills: Once again about practice: skills are dying without regular sharpening. They need to be constantly tested and improved.

How should I choose what project to take?

  • Do you have an idea that keeps haunting you wherever you go? 
  • Do you feel full of passion when you think about it?
  • Then stick to it!

Put away a myth that if a project is not big enough, then it doesn’t deserve any attention. We, humans, are awesome at creating new things. Who knows, maybe your coding work will contribute to something bigger later on?

Listening to other people’s opinion is also a nice thing but make sure not to let anybofy keep you awat from your dream.

ZenBit Tech Tips on Side Projects for developers

What you should know about starting your side project


  • Keep it simple. Stay cool and just follow your idea. Try not to garnish it with unnecessary features, build the basics instead and only then improve it.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. Failure doesn’t mean the end of trying. Try not to stick to already known and tried because only exploration and experiments will bring you to really worthy inventions.
  • Procrastination is not the answer. If you sit down and think how useful your side project may be for other people and what a great impact it may have, you will immediately get rid of the wish of procrastination. We all know that sometimes we just “don’t feel like it” but working on something you are really passionate about, doesn’t that force you to action?
  • User is the target. Keep in mind that the paramount objective for any good product is to bring pleasure to its user. Make an excellent foundation and you will stand out for your users. Is your idea something that users can’t live without? Then make it good.
  • Keep record of your progress. This tip will help you track your progress (or regress), find your weak spots and moments of failure. Learn from your project documentation!
  • Stick to it. It’s your time to shine! Leave all the prejudice aside and bring your idea to life.

We sincerely hope that these small tips and the major benefits we provided here for you will help you bring your IT startup idea to life and make it the best on the market.

Want some more tips on the product of your dream? Check out the article where we spoke about a successful launch strategy for your application.

by ZenBit Tech

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