Regulus Cyber Grants Security to Drones and GPS

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Image via Regulus Cyber

We all know that Israeli technologies and startups are often ahead of all the planet. Regulus Cyber is just another example of this belief.

The autonomous vehicle industry is said to expand the influence of its market over the next 20 years. The benefits of these mobile robots are clear: less human factor risk and thus more security, but what are the weak points of drones and other no-man vehicles? Have you ever wondered how prone to risks they are? 

Who are Regulus Cyber?

Regulus Cyber was founded by two professionals, Yoav Zangvil and Yonatan Zur. 

Yoav’s experience covers over 15 years of flying, building and hacking RC models. He holds a BSc in robotics, dynamics and control systems. In his turn, Yonatan is a successful Israeli Airforce Pilot holding a BA in Industrial Design and an MA in Philosophy.

As we can see, these guys know how air security works and what the airspace risks are.

All in all, their team consists of 8 members.

What can Regulus Cyber offer?

Regulus Cyber team grants security to drones, robots and autonomous systems by focusing on the sensor suite, mission data and communication channels of the machine and blocking any interference like intended hacking. Sensors are known as easily hacked, which may pose severe risks and dangers to any vehicle operated with a sensor.

Regulus Cyber are the first to introduce their plan of development of the so-called “Security Center” for autonomous vehicles which is aimed at defending such sensors as GPS, Radar and LiDAR from various physical attacks.

What are Regulus Cyber technologies?

The first block of their Security Center is the Pyramid GPS SP, or GPS Spoofing Protection. This is said to be a solution to GPS hacking which is becoming easier to accomplish each day.

The second block offered by Regulus Cyber is the Pyramid CSM, which is the abbreviation for Communication and Security Manager.

regulus cyber grants security to drones and gps1

Pyramid CSM possibilities:

  •  Plug and Play LRU external solution
  •  Encryption and Authenticity for C&C
  •  C&C Data Link Redundancy and Auto Switching Up to 4 channels
  •  Handovers support between remote pilot stations
  •  Built-in Cellular C&C Link with Auto Switching
  •  Cloud-Based Data Logging
  •  Range Extension in a Data Link Relay Topology
  •  Data Link Quality Visualization & Mapping

Q: What is Pyramid CSM?

A: The Pyramid CSM module is a simple “plug & play” add-on to flight and robot controllers which provides full external system security. 

Q: How does Pyramid CSM solve the security problems?

A: It solves the security vulnerabilities of the “C2” link and “mission data” link.

regulus cyber grants security to drones and gps2

Pyramid GPS SP possibilities:

  • LRU external solution
  • GPS Spoofing detection 
  • Comfortable size (40 grams / 1.5 ounces)
  • Seamless integration with existing GPS receivers
  • Standalone module or in-line with the current inertial navigation system
  • GPS & GLONASS support 

Q: What is Pyramid GPS SP?

A: Pyramid SP is the first small and affordable external solution enabling protection against spoofing attacks. 

Q: How does Pyramid GPS SP solve the security problems?

A: Any system depending on GPS navigation can benefit from the Pyramid SP – from drones, to cars and ships. The Pyramid SP connects externally, integrates seamlessly with existing GPS receivers and adds reliability and protection to the machine. The Pyramid SP offers full GNSS support including Baidu, Galileo and Glonass.

The Pyramid Solution Suite suggested by Regulus Cyber consists of two more yet-to-come projects – Sensor Validation System and RF Mapping Payload. You can search for additional information on the official website of Regulus Cyber. 

All images and product info by Regulus Cyber, Israel.

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