No Need To Code: Make Custom Skills With Amazon Alexa Blueprints

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Amazon team announce that they have launched a new feature called Alexa Blueprints to help you adapt Alexa to your own taste. 

The new feature lets you make custom Alexa skills without even knowing how to code. All you really need is spare time, imagination, and of course, Amazon Alexa, which then synchronizes with all your Amazon Echo devices. 

What Are Actually Those "Alexa Blueprints"?

Alexa’s “blueprints” include customizable responses to various queries. This means you can teach Alexa different questions and pre-set answers e.g. if you ask “Who cooks the best spaghetti?”, you may hear the answer “You do” (or even your mother, or a wife?). 

It can also participate in a trivia game, in a narrative story and other cool stuff. This Alexa app update is designed to make Alexa adaptable to each user and to broaden its possibilities. If you don’t get a hang of it yet, then here you are:

But How to Set up Alexa?

Currently, there are 20 templates available for Alexa users, which are subdivided into Fun, Learning, Home and Storytelling.

The templates have in-built presets which you can either try out, or use them as a foundation for your own creative Alexa skills. All you need to do is follow the three steps of the success.

When you have created your blueprint skill, you have it stored in your account unless you delete it. Despite this, the good thing is that not any stranger will have an access to your private trivia games or other skills. 

So are the “blueprints” worth it?

To summarize, Alexa sure knows thousands of skills already, but what is more important is its customization and adaptability. The more personalized Alexa gets for each user, the more these users will feel comfortable to use their Voice Assistant.

The only downside for now is that, unfortunately, Alexa Skill Blueprints are available only for the United States at present and it is unknown whether it will be launched in other countries as well. Nevertheless, Amazon team anticipates the bright future of the Blueprints and we forecast it as well.

Olha Polishchuk
Content manager
May 14, 2018
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