IBM Introduces World’s Smallest Computer With Blockchain

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During IBM 2018 conference, one of the most noticeable IT giants introduced the smallest computer in the world.

What is the real disadvantage of today’s computers? Of course, it is clear enough that PCs are more powerful today in comparison to what we had just let’s say back in 2008, but the technologies we have implemented today can’t compensate the fact that our personal computers are too big and inconvenient. Well, this era seems to be coming to an end as IBM has recently introduced the world’s smallest computer with blockchain technology support. This breakthrough was first described in details by Mashable.

Actually, the headline picture shows us 64 motherboards with 2 tiny computers whereas the photo below offers us a comparison of a single small computer and a grain of salt. This scale is impressing enough, right?

Being even smaller than a grain, this 1mm x 1mm chip has the x86 power of the computer of the 1990s. Well, yes, that’s not the power we would like to see in 2018 but come on, look at this tiny fellow. 

One of the greatest advantages would be its price: the manufacturing of such mini-computer will cost only 10 cents, according to IBM. 

One more important feature that we have already mentioned is its blockchain support and the ability to perform basic AI tasks. The computer is intended to serve as a blockchain data source for applications tracking the goods shipment and even helping detect fraud and theft.

But don’t jump out of your chair to rush to the nearest IT store yet. Despite all the good points, it is still unclear when the smallest blockchain computer will be released, as IBM are still testing their prototype. But one thing is clear: the future is here and we are about to see it rather soon. IBM promise that in a five year period such small computers will be a part of our daily life.

Olha Polishchuk
Content manager
April 13, 2018
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