Google Maps API Is Now Open For Game Developers

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Mobile gaming development is constantly improving, that is why Google decided to help gaming industry by providing the model of the real world from Google Maps.

Making contemporary games becomes even more ingenious: Google has announced that their Google Maps API is now available for game development. It allows them to create their in-game environment right in the Google Maps. 

Everybody knows that Google Maps is a must-have resource for almost any person on Earth. Today, it is impossible to imagine our life without this extremely useful app. The purposes for that use can be various - whether it is just strolling down the cities of your dream or navigating - but its importance is definitely irrefutable. From now on, game developers can see more profit from using Google Maps as they can now put its limitless data into their games. As we know, there are already some apps in the world of game development which require this kind of information e.g. Pokemon GO and Ingress.

Together with the up-to-date Google Maps information, Google also provides a Unity Software Development Kit, which is aimed at improving and facilitating the process of implementing the data into games. Unity allows you to add structures and design required by the style of your game to your GameObjects. You want a zombie-shooter or a middle-age action? Post-apocalyptic fiction? It doesn’t matter, you can make everything you want, and even more. This approach gives us a new perception of video-gaming, allowing seeing virtual things in the real world, Google says.

This opens up a potentially new way of game development. With Google Maps API, you can now access and use famous landmarks, cities and monuments in your game crafting and be sure that your in-game environment is the up-to-date copy of the one that already exists in real life. Google announced the start of collaboration with some developers to make such mixed reality games as Jurassic World Alive, Ghostbusters World and The Walking Dead: Our World.

As we can judge, Google is doing its best to bring the best user experience and to help innovative app developers bring their most exciting ideas to life. Stay tuned and follow more related news on app development.

Olha Polishchuk
Content manager
April 12, 2018
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