EU Fines Google with €4 Billion for Antitrust Law Violation

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EU Fines Google with €4 Billion for Antitrust Law Violation EU Fines Google with €4 Billion for Antitrust Law Violation EU hit Google with a €4.34 billion fine ($5 billion) for breaking its antitrust laws. The European Commission states that the giants violated its laws in several key aspects.

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In general, the accusation lies in the fact that Google systematically made payments to phone manufacturers to see their apps pre-installed in the smartphones' operating system. Additionally, they encouraged them to prefer Google search engine over any other.

EU says smartphone users should have a right to choose themselves which search engine or browser they want to use. Furthermore, EU claims that Google didn't present any proof that "forked" versions of Android may cause any problems with compatibility and thus there is no reason in preventing phone manufacturers from Android "forks".

CompanyFine in € YearGoogle €4.34 billion 2018 Google €2.42 billion 2017 Intel €1.06 billion 2009 Microsoft €899 million 2008 Microsoft €561 million 2013 Facebook €110 million 2018 The company is requested to stop such actions within 90 days. Margrethe Vestager says that it’s illegal to deny the rivals a possibility to compete on the market. It is the second time Google is being fined because of antitrust rules violation (the previous case was just a year ago - in 2017).

EU antitrust fines for companies

The European Commission has been investigating Google closely since the claim of FairSearch considering Google’s abusement of its dominance in smartphones’ software.

Previously, Steve Pallmer, former Microsoft CEO, claimed that Google has long ago established its monopoly which has to be constantly controlled.However, Google is not the first tech company to have broken the antitrust laws which later on also lead to penalty. Over the last decade, Microsoft has been already fined twice, as well as Google has. The list also consists of such tech giants as Intel and Facebook. 

The case seems rather interesting to keep an eye on, though no significant changes in Android are to be expected.

Nonetheless, Google is not asked to completely eliminate themselves from the software - if users wish, they can still install any Google services and smartphone manufacturers may of course pre-install Google into their software if they want to do so. EU just asks for unbundling Google services from tech devices to let users have any alternatives apart from just Google Chrome etc. Besides, phone manucturers are expected to be free in offering phones with forked versions of Android.

Earlier, we mentioned the new GDPR law started by the European Commision, which had been the result of the Facebook users' personal data leak to Cambridge Analytica.

by ZenBit Tech

Olha Polishchuk
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July 20, 2018
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