Enjoy the Travel: Citroen Introduce Anti-Sickness Glasses

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Summer season is right in front of you and it invites you to dive into borderless travels and road trips to meet your adventures.

Though if you are as “lucky” as I am and get carsick nearly each time you are on a ride, such journeys can become an obstacle to your vacation joy. But don’t you worry anymore because Citroën giants introduced their own glasses especially for those who suffer from motion sickness, just like we do with you.

That’s right, not even pills or some other medicine but a simple and clever invention that is called Seetroën. A small change in spelling has lead to a completely different product. 

Anti Motion Sickness Glassess from Citroen by ZenBit Tech

This device uses Boarding Ringtm technology, which aims at the very reason of why and how motion sickness occurs i.e. a sensorial conflict between the vestibular system and the peripheral vision.

These glasses are shaped in the form of 4 rings with coloured liquid moving in various directions. This way, they indicate the moving artificial horizon and eliminate the conflict.

The company said that the efficacy of the glasses is 95%.

Did you know?

Motion sickness is a disease that is familiar to more than 30 million European citizens. One third of Earth’s population have experienced motion sickness symptoms at least once in their life. 

How do you use it?

  1. Put on Seetroyen glasses as soon as you start feeling dizzy
  2. Keep them on until you feel “resynchronized” (about 10-12 minutes)
  3. Take them off and enjoy your journey

Citroen Glasses for children feeling sick on a car ride by ZenBit Tech

However, this device should not be used by children under the age of 10 (further investigation to be carried out).

With anti-motion sickness glasses customers are even able to read or use their gadgets without any obstacles.

A pair of such glasses costs 100€. First, they will be in limited access only, and if the sells succeed, Citroen will go for larger quantities of their glasses.

by ZenBit Tech

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