Augmented Reality and FIFA: Soccer On Your Tabletop

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As far as this is a World Cup season, even the tech news should be dedicated to the most watched and played game in the world. Soccer on your Tabletop allows its fans to project their 2D recorded game from the screen onto flat surface and turn it into 3D. Running 3D figures on your table gives you the best performance ever possible to get from watching the soccer game. The only things you may need are Augmented Reality device and a flat table.

Watch a video on the same technology back from 2012:

The system analyzes each soccer player individually and puts his 3D miniature model on a tabletop. This cutting-edge technology allows you to watch any Youtube game from each angle just by walking around the room in the augmented reality device.

3D Modeling Technology

The Soccer on your Tabletop innovation uses depth estimation to recreate the input video. Nevertheless, an outdoor natural light is an obstacle to the sensors, so this technology is far from perfect for now. Players’ models may appear unnatural in their behaviour because of the movement prediction. Yet, it is still an achievement to develop such a high skill-demanded recreation system.

3D Modeling Depth Estimation System in Football

World Cup Season is a top event currently and since not everyone has an opportunity to visit a FIFA match in person, it would be great if fans could recreate any game they happened to miss right in front of them and watch the game strategy close. We suppose the perfect technology for such purpose is not that far from its realisation.

by ZenBit Tech

Olha Polishchuk
Content manager
June 25, 2018
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